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Ant World Addon For Minecraft PE iOS, Android 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Ant World addon will change the world Minecraft PE c on its head. The mod reduces all mobs multiple times, the mobs will look like dwarfs. In connection with reduction of the sizes of mobs, they are several times weaker and have a relatively a lot less health. You will in any case be worth to play at least once in MCPE with this addon, to feel how it is to play and to fight against dwarfs!

How to get?
These mobs are generated independently, which is not bad. If you are not enough that number of dwarfs, then you can spawn them via eggs. Eggs available in creative mode, or will get them with additional mods, such as TMI.

After reducing the mobs their privileges in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition will be less promising than ever. A decrease in growth (size) of all the mobs affected just on their potential became just miserable. For example, the explosion of the creeper barely deals any damage.

Despite the fact that all the mobs have been significantly reduced, they still remain hostile. Below on the screenshot you can see a huge crowd of zombies that go on a player and you think they represent any danger? — No! They are very easy to kill, and the damage they cause is minimal.

Horseback riding is a fun activity. But after the establishment of the fashion Ant World, horseback riding is not only fun pastime, but creative because the horse will look like a dwarf. In comparison with the horse you'll be a giant, but all its abilities remain in effect. The horse will still be very fast in movement.

Install Ant World addon:
  • Download a mod.
  • In the directory "games/com.mojang/" create a folder "resource_packs".
  • Remove the mod from the archive, and move only the folder from the archive to the folder "resource_packs".
  • Go to settings — global texture.
  • Select the downloaded mod.
  • Mod installed — now restart MCPE.

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