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Animated Blocks Textures Addon For Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Animated Blocks is a very useful Addon for Minecraft PE. With his help, more than 19 units will become animation. For example, when you're melting in the furnace, it will show the animation of burning/melting; on top of the TNT block to play animation burning wick, which is very realistic and impressive.
Such Addon exists for the PC version. In the mobile app you will always be additionally enjoying the game passing these new animated blocks.

The textures of certain blocks were added animation that will make 19 blocks with animation. All these blocks will look like as the former, but with the presence of some animation.

List of Animated blocks:
  • Lighthouse
  • The cooking stand
  • Diamond block
  • Diamond ore
  • Table charm
  • Activated oven
  • Emerald block
  • Emerald ore
  • Glowing stone
  • Gold block
  • Gold ore
  • The music block
  • Glowing pumpkin
  • Redstone block
  • An activated Redstone lamp
  • Redstone ore
  • Sand block
  • TNT
  • Torch.

    Install Animated Blocks:
  • Download a addon.
  • In the directory "games/com.mojang/" create a folder "resource_packs".
  • Remove the mod from the archive, and move only the folder from the archive to the folder "resource_packs".
  • Go to settings — global texture.
  • Select the downloaded mod.
  • Mod installed — now restart MCPE.

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