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Download Minecraft PE,,, Apk Beta


Download Minecraft PE 1.1,,, Apk Beta
April 1, has been Beta-release for Minecraft PE v1.1.0.0 aka 1.1.0. This version is one of the largest, because MCPE Beta 1.1 contains more than 20 innovations (colored beds, shulker box, llama mob, terracotta blocks and more)


The presence of additional decorative blocks and items will allow players to build new combinations of buildings in Minecraft. Thus, gameplay becomes much more dynamic. Use new colored beds, patterned blocks ( terracotta blocks) and blocks of wool to create a beautiful home or even a city.


Mojang made a very unexpected move of releasing so early Minecraft Pocket Edition, because this version has been full of innovation.
Before the player opens an incredible amount of new possibilities in all directions.
The most important feature in Minecraft PE 1.1 is that you can now use almost all items, blocks, and commands that are present in the PC version of Minecraft. After the beta release and you will not feel the difference between PC and PE.

Key Changelog

  • Added Adventure Mode
  • Added Llamas mob
  • Added Terracotta blocks
  • Added Shulker Boxes blocks
  • Added Woodland Mansions buildings
  • Added Illagers (Evokers & Vindicators)
  • Added Vex
  • Added Colored beds


Download Minecraft PE 1.1,,, Apk Beta
Download Minecraft PE 1.1,,, Apk Beta
Download Minecraft PE 1.1,,, Apk Beta

02 Apr 2017
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