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Download Minecraft PE v1.11.4, APK free Village & Pillage


Download Minecraft PE v1.11.3.0 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
Minecraft PE release in order to fix a huge number of bugs from the previous latest versions of the Village and Pillage update. It is available for download on iOS and Android platform. The main feature of MCPE 1.11.4 is a patch to eliminate global bugs and crashes related to the upgrade and import the worlds.

Update: Added version

Changes and Bugfixes in Minecraft 1.11.4 Android

Fixed global errors related to the behavior of mobs and problems with the transfer of the world containing villages from old versions of the game to Minecraft PE Several changes can be seen in Realms servers.

Fixes from Bug Report:
  • Fixed a bug that closed the app if some mob noticed other attacking mobs near them
  • Fixed a bug related to Villager cured of zombification - now this Villager can change its profession if its lvl of XP reached a certain amount in MCPE 1.11.4
  • Small changes in world of Realms Servers when in the list of players sometimes did not show gamerTag and gamerpics
  • Download Minecraft PE v1.11.3.0 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
  • Changed the algorithm for importing, exporting and updating villages from old versions of Minecraft 1.11 for Android
  • Changed the behavior of some sinking mobs, in some cases they parried in the water and never landed on the bottom.
  • Fixed a bug related to old villagers, now they will get XP level in Minecraft 1.11.4

Download Minecraft PE v1.11.3.0 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
Other Fixes and Changes:
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the game in MCPE 1.11.4
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when signing in to Xbox Live
  • Changed an issue where monsters continued to appear at a sufficiently high light level
  • Download Minecraft PE v1.11.3.0 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
  • In Minecraft for Android fixed memory leak when using Script Engine

Features of Minecraft v1.11.4 Android

  • illager Raids
  • Leader Of The illagers
  • Attacks Of The Destroyers
  • New grinding stone features in version
  • Bells
  • Stonecutters
  • Punch
  • Campfires
  • Download Minecraft PE v1.11.3.0 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
  • Tables of cartography and barrels
  • Sounds for the Devastator barrels, lanterns, berry bushes, and campfires
  • Ravagers
  • New villages professions
  • Generate the outposts of illagers in Minecraft 1.11.4 on Android

Download Minecraft v1.11.4 Android

Download Minecraft PE apk
Minecraft_PE_com.apk (2.46 Mb)
Minecraft_PE_v1.11.4.2_Mod.apk (86.52 Mb) Free Marketplace
Minecraft_PE_v1.11.4.2_Original.apk (83.49 Mb)
Minecraft_PE_v1.11.3.1.apk (83.57 Mb) You can create a new Xbox account

16 May 2019
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