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Download Minecraft PE v1.11.0 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage


Download Minecraft PE v1.11.0.23 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
The long-awaited Village & Pillage update release for Minecraft PE 1.11.1 version and is available for download on Android! The new major update brings to MCPE v1.11.0 a bunch of new content that aims to improve the villagers and the ecosystems of the villages.

Features of Minecraft PE v1.11.0 Android

Most of the main features of the "Village and Pillage" update are to upgrade the village and add to Minecraft 1.11.0 a huge number of new villagers, new blocks and principles of borrowing to obtain mutual benefit from the villages.
Download Minecraft PE v1.11.0.23 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
Village update:
  • Now you will notice that a lot of buildings have been added and the generation of buildings has become more realistic
  • Each biome now has its own village, which is built from the materials that are most common in the region

Download Minecraft PE v1.11.0.23 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
Added New villagers:
  • Villagers will receive a skin that will be different from the same villagers, but with a different level and profession, as well as a thought-out skin that will indicate the place of residence and biome of the villager
  • In the villages you can find a Mason and a Beggar
  • Added a feature that allows villagers to sleep, while animation will be made as a villager to lie on the bed
  • Each villager will be engaged in the professional skill, and after the work to come back home and sleep
  • Added a small AI that will improve the behavior of villagers. Now they will be faster to look for different ways if it has been changed from the standard ones
  • If you have a world where there is a village, after upgrading to Minecraft PE versions all of the standard villagers will also be updated
  • Slightly improved diversity of Zombie villagers - their skins will change depending on the biome.

Download Minecraft PE v1.11.0.23 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
Village Job Sites:
  • Added feature to change the profession in the village. If they come to another workspace, then their skin will change to the corresponding
  • A map table is a quick way to copy and extend maps. Cards can be blocked with glass panels
  • Sharpener - a very practical machine for repairing weapons and tools, it also removes the spell from the enchanted objects
  • Barrel - functional chest, but it can be used if the barrel is the essence or other unit
  • Smokehouse - prepares testy food much faster than a standard stove
  • Melting furnace is an advanced way to melt ore and save a lot of time
  • Composter - in this machine you can turn seeds and vegetation into bone meal
  • The stonemason created to ensure that you could get blocks of stone.

Download Minecraft PE v1.11.0.23 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
Improving of Trade:
  • Added and completely changed standard trading in MCPE 1.11.0 on Android
  • Improved trading by visualization. You will notice that when you have what the merchant needs, then he will hold a certain item in his hand
  • The more deals you make with merchants, then they will get more levels and open new items for exchange
  • New items to trade will be available in Minecraft PE v1.11.0 after the merchant comes to his workplace the next day.

Download Minecraft PE v1.11.0.23 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
Wandering merchant:
  • These merchants are like caravans. They can stay overnight at a certain place for several days
  • Caravans have different items from different biomes
  • All items carry several llamas.

Download Minecraft PE v1.11.0.23 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
Warning Bells:
  • You can see how the villagers are hiding in their homes when the bells begin to ring, which means the approach of the raiders
  • You can use the bells for your own purposes
  • The bells will ring if you hit it or join by the red stone.

Download Minecraft PE v1.11.0.23 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage

Changes in Minecraft 1.11.0 Android

  • Changed the algorithm of generation of the villages. If you have buildings near old villages, the new generation may affect such buildings
  • Added new seeds in the world creation menu
  • Now you will have more choice of decorative blocks including painted glass
  • Changed ways how to get a cat in version:
    • The number of cats in the village will depend on the number of beds in the villagers houses
    • Only 1 cat will be generated for every 4 beds
    • Set a limit on the number of cats living in the village, this limit is 10
  • Changed the Lecterns in Minecraft 1.11.0 on Android. Using this and flipping through the books, you will be used up red dust
  • Most parts of the standard UI have changed a bit, the elements have got dimmer tones

Download Minecraft PE v1.11.0.23 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage

Minecraft 1.11.0 Overview

Download Minecraft v1.11.0 Android

Just create a new Xbox Live account or use an existing account.
Minecraft_PE_com.apk (2.46 Mb)
Download Minecraft PE v1.11.1.2 apk
Minecraft_PE_v1.11.0.23_Xbox_live.apk (89.51 Mb)
Minecraft_PE_v1.11.0.10_Xbox_live.apk (89.52 Mb)
Minecraft_PE_v1.11.0.10_Mod.apk (89.57 Mb)

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