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Santa and Christmas Tree Skin Pack For MCPE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


Full set of skins called “Santa & Tree”, will give you very interesting characters. In addition, You will be able to change his character beyond recognition. Use skins to become more original for the New Year.

First skin is Santa, which is considered the most popular character for the New year. He had a long beard, beautiful, red clothes, and of course, always with gifts.

Further, you will find skin angel Christmas is the symbol of this holiday. At the crucial moment the angel to come down from heaven to give happiness to them. Use it if you really want to be the light.

Then, you can use the Christmas Tree or the Northern bear. Each of these skins is quite original. From the title you can understand what is waiting for you. Tree large, very similar to the real. Bear is too big, and it is beautifully drawn.

How to install Santa and Christmas Tree Skin Pack?
  • Download skin.
  • Remove the skin from the archive.
  • Go to the game settings.
  • Go with skins.
  • Press [Custom].
  • Select the downloaded skin.
  • Go to game and enjoy set the skin!

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