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MP Vanilla Survival - Server Minecraft PE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


MP Vanilla Survival - Server Minecraft PE This is a vanilla survival server for Minecraft PE. Here you will be presented the game world with the size of 5000x10000 blocks where you can build your house, private the territory, extract resources and raid other players. On the server there are no unnecessary mods and addons that can affect to the standard balance for survival, but there is a function that saves resources in your inventory after death. There are several standard commands that will allow to set the warp, sethome, home, kill, shop and chunks. MP Vanilla Survival - Server Minecraft PE You will always see players in the chat with whom you can chat or offer to survive together, but the slots are limited due to the huge world so as not to create a large load on the server. It's free and sometimes you'll have to wait in line to play here, but that way you won't have to buy Realms. The most valuable area is near spawn and there is still some place, you should hurry up to private it. MP Vanilla Survival - Server Minecraft PE

Server Plugins & Mods

  • Survival
  • Adventure

MP Vanilla Survival - Server Minecraft PE

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How to play this mod
wow amzing
Don't play the server because you will
Be killed and stole items
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i did many times /register