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LASTCRAFT Server for Minecraft PE iOS, Android 1.20.15, 1.19.83


And from Minecraft PE games there is:
  • VampireZ - Vampires and humans
  • SkyBlock - Survival island
  • Creative - is what we all love so much
  • McMMO - Survival without the economy
  • CastleWars - Battle castles
  • Parkour - Parkour
  • SkyWars - Sky battles
  • Hunger Games - Hardcore survival with a randomly generating world
  • SurvivalGames - 24 people, but who will win?
  • Hide and Seek - Hide and seek
  • Bed Wars (well where without it?) - Destroy other people's beds, and don't let her break for the win.
  • Arcade Games - a Collection of different games
    The games themselves:
  • Pacman - All Pacman favorite
  • Spleeg - Throw eggs to survive
  • Dragons - Who longest can survive against the dragon?
  • Dragon Escape - Run away from the black flying beast, because you have a chance first to come to the rescue
  • Runer - As TNT Ran, Run, Jog!
  • Quiver - To win the first commit 20 murders
  • HotPotato - Hot potato
  • Snake - Old snake is now in Minecraft
  • Build Battle - To win you need to build the given object(a wrench, a Cup, a Candy) for 4.5 minutes

    The entire server subject to the General system of the economy (except for McMMO). Earn coins by defeating passing parkour, and that you should buy them in different buns in mini-games. Also on the server Donat (where without it?), but of him you can find on the server or in a group.
    Write in comments what do you think about this server? Well, since you were Satanica.

    IP: play.last - craft.com

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