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Top 5 Best Survival Seeds For Minecraft PE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


Survival in Minecraft PE - is a classic of the genre. When I started playing this game back in the distant 2009, I was not interested in any mods and scripts. Together with friends, we spent a lot of time trying to survive in unfamiliar terrain seeds. I liked to dig bunkers, and my friends make fun of me burying the entrance to the bunker, in order to I've been many times looking for a way out in the rouge. Having a wide experience in standard survival, I will suggest you TOP 5 best seeds for excellent holding times.

Let's get started!

1. A huge forest around the shores of lake 0.15.0+

This option is perfect for survival. In this area you can stay that long due to the huge amount of materials that will serve for the construction of villas or estates by the lake or right in it.
Seed: -1241108434

2. A beautiful meadow in the forest 0.15.0+

If you are looking for something beautiful in this game, then this area is perfect for you. It is located a small clearing among the forest. Here you can meditate or engage in similar business.
Seed: -991840673

3. Mountain landscape with village 0.15.0+

This is one of the best seeds for MCPE. It can be a long time, due to the diverse terrain. Mountains, caves, villages with a blacksmith and more.
Seed: 491916161

4. A small island 0.16.0

This seed is designed for more experienced players, as it will require the special skills of survival in a small amounts of resources. But if you are a tourist and want to discovering this desert island for a while, then you can try.
Seed: 24517192

5. The village in the desert next to the jungle 0.16.0

The desert is one of the most dangerous places for survival. There is almost no water, materials and other means of survival. But in our case, it's all there. You will find a desert, adjoining the jungle, as well as a small pond and village.
Seed: -2025962066

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