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Three villages in a snowy biome Seed For Minecraft PE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


In this seed you will find a new snow village, which came with a version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Villages in snow biomes built with a little dark wood, compared to normal villages. In this seed you will find three of the snow village, which are located close to each other.

Turn diagonally right and go in that direction to the snow biome. Soon you will reach the snow village.

The first village has its blacksmith, in which you can take some things he'd stashed in the trunk. The village was generated from two different biomes. In the blacksmith chest you will find the following:

  • 2 emerald.
  • 2 gold ingot.
  • 3 loaves of bread.
  • 2 apples.
  • 3 ink bags

    Keep moving past the first village to get to the second village.

    In this village you will also find the blacksmith. Feature of the triple village that is entirely located in a snow biome.

    Keep going past the second village, towards the river, to reach the third village. The third village is much smaller compared to the two previous villages.


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