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Temple in the Jungle and the Village Seed MCPE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


In this seed you will appear in the heart of stunning jungle. But if you go straight in one direction, then you will have the opportunity to meet with the Church and village, which lie on the circumference of the jungle. On the border with the jungle is a river that divides the terrain of the jungle and the desert on the two banks.

Turn at 35-46 degrees left and walk or fly in this direction until you reach the temple village. (If you do not fully understand what direction you move, or did not find the village with the Church, we suggest you to look through video review of seed to better understand how to navigate the terrain and find the temple and village)

Enter the temple and destroy colored blocks that are in the center of the temple floor to find the treasures of the temple. Now your task is going to come down to the lower part of the temple is not pressing the pressure plate, otherwise it causes a huge explosion as a pressure plate hidden TNT is a trap.

Here is a list of things you can learn from the Church:

  • 4 gold ingot.
  • 2 iron ingots.
  • 2 diamond.
  • 8 rotten flesh.
  • 10 bones.

    The village was located in two different biomes: jungle and desert. The village has many farms, but unfortunately the blacksmith you find.

    Near one of the houses in the village you find the cave. What you can find in the cave? - we don't know because haven't researched it.


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