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Temple In Desert Seed For Minecraft PE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


Small seed for Minecraft PE, in which you'll find a secret temple in the desert. In the temple you will have to wait a whole bunch of treasure, but do not forget about the traps. Also, this ancient buildings can serve you for different purposes. If you like the desert and all associated with it, then this seed is perfect for survival.
The location of this Shrine is rather specific, and reinforce the path to the entrance from the monsters.

Seed is designed to version 0.16.0 and 0.15+.

After spawning You don't immediately see a temple, but will have to look for not long:

All You have to do is go straight to the desert to see the temple.

Do not forget about the pressure plate at the bottom. Break down and not step on it.

And of course the list of contents of chests:
  • Diamond (3pcs)
  • Diamond horse armor
  • Rotten flesh (13pcs)
  • Gold ingot (8pcs)
  • Enchanted book (Silk touch I)
  • Enchanted book (Indestructible II)
  • Bone (15pcs)
  • Iron ingot (10pcs)
  • Diamond horse armor (yet another)

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