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Mega survival mode Seed for Minecraft PE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


Before you ultra version of survival mode. Yes, Yes, you heard right. This is the most difficult version of survival mode. Hundreds of times I played this mode, as my daughter says, and many hundred times I gathered, did everything and got bored after a couple of hours. But this seed made me nervous. And so, what we have at the entrance to this seed...

  • 1 tree

    And a small island.

    To play in fun on this seed, you need to configure your client Minecraft:
  • Choose the highest complexity
  • Select the lowest light level
  • Choose the lowest level of the rendering world

    If you turn all that is written above and download the s world in this awesome game you are guaranteed.

    Survival guide:

    When you start the game you appear on a small island where only 1 tree, a few sheep, cow and pig. In principle, the food will be enough for a couple of days, just do not rush to kill them immediately, let them try to breed. Immediately chop a tree and all the leaves. Be sure to get the sprouts of new trees, and immediately put one of them in the place where the tree was. It should grow quickly. The other place around the island in a random order.

    Further, from the tree make a workbench, work bench boards, sticks and a wooden pickaxe. Go to a little "mine" and mined some stone and ores 13 black coal.

    Then go to the workbench and make a stone sword, stone pickaxe and some torches. We arrange the lights around the perimeter and waiting for the night. The most important thing to us at night to kill the skeleton. From the skeleton bones make bone meal, and immediately run to those trees that have put earlier.

    And voila, we already have a few trees. Of them make a boat and sail to another island, with lots of trees and make a house there.

    Its a tree (Note the first letter is uppercase)

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