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Forest With Giant Mushrooms Seed MCPE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


Pretty good seed where you can see something abnormal in Minecraft PE, it's the giant mushrooms. This fauna allows you to easily enhance the decor at your home, as giant mushrooms to see in the game is not so easy. Mushrooms will perfectly complement your fancy and look great on the plan of your buildings.
Some players use these mushrooms as a miniature house that is very cozy and minimalist.

This seed generates a map on the road with giant mushrooms, as well as a platform for the construction of the player in the center. Seed is for Minecraft PE 0.15+ and 0.16.0.

For searching the glade You will not have to do anything at all. Because You are immediately after spawn will be on the right a clearing in the forest:

Around will be a huge dense forest:

The site, about which I wrote above:

Lake nearby:

In the end we can say that this area is unique for its micro and mini places where you'll immediately can come up with a use for them that will allow you every day to enjoy their work and continue to explore new territory and terrain around.

Seed: -982618691

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