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Throwable Explosives Mod For Minecraft PE iOS, Android


Throwable TNT mod will create a world in Minecraft PE 8 new types of dynamite – but he's not normal, it can be throw as a grenade! Dynamite will differ from each other by the scale and force of the explosion and blow up it will be not as usual, and throw. If you like TNT in Minecraft, but want to learn something new, Throwable TNT mod is for you!

How does it work?

For the beginning you have crafted any of the new types of TNT in the crafting recipes (full list below). You can then use explosives like a grenade.

Take the dynamite in his hand, and then you can simply press on the screen to drop an explosive projectile at a target. When the projectile comes into contact with any object, it immediately explodes, so be careful, and stand back to blast you missed.

Each new TNT features a unique kind of explosion, for example, I took a powerful dynamite and threw him to the village. As you can see, she is not gone – so strong was the blast. By the way, the villagers were allowed to carry out this experiment!

If you throw Dynamite Lightning, it will create an explosion with a powerful flash when you fall to the ground.

All off incredibly strong – look at what area in Minecraft PE I was able to destroy in 5 minutes! Try it and you!

Crafting recipes:
  • Dynamite Lightning [TNT Zip] (ID 1000) – 6 dust glowstone + 1 TNT
  • Normal Dynamite [Normal TNT] (ID 1001) – 4 unit of sand + 2 gunpowder + 1 string
  • Dynamite x5 (ID 1002) – the usual 5 TNT + 2 gunpowder
  • Dynamite x10 (ID 1003) – 2 dynamite x5 + 1 gunpowder
  • Dynamite x15 (ID 1004) – 1 dynamite x10 + x5 1 dynamite + 1 gunpowder
  • Dynamite x20 (ID 1005) – 2 dynamite x5 + 1 gunpowder
  • Dynamite x40 (ID 1006) – dynamite 2 x20 + 1 gunpowder
  • Dynamite x5 Lightning [TNT Zip x5] (ID 1007) – 4 normal TNT + 1 TNT Zip
  • Lightning Dynamite x10 (1008) – 2 lightning dynamite x5 + 1 normal dynamite

    How to install Throwable Explosives

    Addons for BlockLauncher Pro - these mods are more progressive scripts that have ".Zip", ".JS" and ".Modpkg" extension. It also has full integration with all the functionality up to Minecraft PE 1.12.2 version (Temporarily). Mainly used Java features for iOS and Android.
    To get started, you will need BlockLauncher, which is an application for Android or iOS. Please note that the application version may have functionality for an incompatible Java version inside the game. For each version of the game, a separate BlockLauncher application was developed.
    1. Download and install BlockLauncher Pro apk, then use FX File Explorer, ES File Explorer or other file managers to find the apk file in the Downloads folder.
    2. After installation, use Blocklauncher Pro to launch the game.
    3. After starting the game, you should see the wrench icon at the top of the screen. It also serves as a guideline that you did everything right.
    4. Click on "Startup Options".
    5. Next, scroll down the list and click on "Manage Scripts".
    6. In this menu, you can manage the installed scripts and import them. Here you can also specify the path to the downloaded script.
    7. It is worth noting that some modifications have both script and texture packs. You will need to import this separately. In newer versions, BlockLauncher has a feature to recognize a folder with texture packs and a folder with scripts inside a zip archive, which slightly simplifies the import process.
    8. This has some pros but also cons because mods work for all single and multiplayer (which work on the client side) game worlds automatically. You can activate or deactivate this in the scripts settings menu.
    9. Launch one of the game worlds and check if everything is working correctly. It is also worth noting that this has an extremely low chance of conflict with other scripts, the exception is the same names of items or mobs.
    10. Done! Enjoy the new gameplay.

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