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Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft PE 1.19.83, 1.19.73


Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft PE 1.4.2, 1.4.0, 1.2.16, 1.2.13
Mod Minecraft Comes Alive PE — this modification adds in the world Minecraft Pocket Edition new characters, which You can find in the local villages. You will have the opportunity to interact with new characters, different ways of communicating with them.
Update For Minecraft PE 1.19.x and 1.18.x

In the future you will be able to marry a resident of the village, or to marry the guy, and then, in the future and have a child (maybe not even one). This is a great way to grow in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition it makes the game more interesting and exciting.

This is only the first beta version of the mod, so a lot of the functionality is still not available since they are in design mode. But nevertheless, this is currently the best in terms of functionality and interest of the mod that we've ever reviewed on our website.

The first thing You need is to create a new world, and make sure you chose the mode: survival! Once you have created (generated) MCPE world, in your inventory you will see a new item — Crystal Ball (id: 4000). Pick up the Crystal Ball and hit them on the ground to continue.
Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft PE 1.4.2, 1.4.0, 1.2.16, 1.2.13
After that, you will find yourself in a small room, which practically consists of bookshelves and enchantment tables. Click on the enchantment table to decide their fate. GUI [Graphical User Interface (GUI)] is displayed on the main screen, to select gender: Male or Female.

Since I'm a man, we will test the male gender — we choose Male (Man). But if you prefer to be a woman, then this is completely normal, even if you are a male player (the guy)!
Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft PE 1.2.7, 1.2.6, 1.2.3, 1.2.0
The next question that will appear in front of You: in what field would you like to marry or get married? Here you can choose brand that You like. You can choose a man (males), a woman (females), or to provide selection to the program — Either (a random selection). I chose Females (woman).
Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft PE 1.2.7, 1.2.6, 1.2.3, 1.2.0
In the third question You will be asked to provide Your name. Unfortunately, at the moment this feature is in development, but in the future, after it is finalized You will be able to provide your name, and in the meantime, skip this step click Continue.
Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft PE 1.2.7, 1.2.6, 1.2.3, 1.2.0
The fourth and last question that will be posed to You this: choose your destiny ... One of the answers will decide Your fate, Your future, so be careful. Each answer creates different conditions of life ...!

Unfortunately this option is still in development so answers still inactive, but in the next update of the mod everything will be complete and work properly.

  • I have a family: you will be in the house with his wife and children.
  • I live alone: you will be in the house alone.
  • I live in a village: you will find yourself in the village with a small population.
  • None of these: you will remain in the ordinary world where you originally came. But nevertheless, You can still find the villagers and to join with them in marriage, to have children in marriage, and to grow as a couple.
    Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft PE 1.2.7, 1.2.6, 1.2.3, 1.2.0
    Now that you have chosen your fate it's time to start to interact with other people.

    To quickly start your interaction with someone we recommend You use a led, in which You appeared in the village with residents. Here's a great led the village — just type in the string generating the key: -185421950.

    In the village you will find many different characters with whom You could interact, but I decided to approach this girl. Put your opinion on the character, and then on the screen You will see a button — Interact (Interact).
    Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft PE 1.2.7, 1.2.6, 1.2.3, 1.2.0
    After this action opens a graphical interface which will display all available information about a character. Her name is Elly, and she works as a Baker. She appeared to be peaceful (peaceful) people, but unhappy (unhappy) for some reason. Elly still not married, and this is a great opportunity to try to marry her. What do you think?
    Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft PE 1.2.7, 1.2.6, 1.2.3, 1.2.0
    Unfortunately at the moment most of the interaction buttons do not work (are in development), so I can't talk to her again, so that You will have to wait.

    The only working button at the moment, it is Follow Me (Follow me), Stay here (Stay here) and Move Freely (Free movement). All the buttons are self-evident, isn't it?)

  • Interact: - interact with the character.
  • Follow me: - will follow You.
  • Stay here: - to stand still.
  • Move freely: - will move around in any direction.
  • Trade: - trade.
  • Set home: - in development.
  • Special: - in development.

    I asked her to follow me. We came to the beach, there was already prepared a cake, and two blanket to keep in a romantic setting to celebrate the sunset. Cool, huh!?
    Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft PE 1.2.7, 1.2.6, 1.2.3, 1.2.0
    Other features
    As mentioned earlier, the mod is in early development, so many features are not yet implemented to the end. But apparently, the mod has great potential to become incredibly popular and cool among all the mods ModPE Scripts for MCPE

    Most of the completed items still do not work, but they should give You an idea of what will happen in the future, when the mod Comes Alive Minecraft PE will be released from the status of "Beta".

    Download Minecraft PE 1.19 apk

    How to install Comes Alive

    Addons for BlockLauncher Pro - these mods are more progressive scripts that have ".Zip", ".JS" and ".Modpkg" extension. It also has full integration with all the functionality up to Minecraft PE 1.12.2 version (Temporarily). Mainly used Java features for iOS and Android.
    To get started, you will need BlockLauncher, which is an application for Android or iOS. Please note that the application version may have functionality for an incompatible Java version inside the game. For each version of the game, a separate BlockLauncher application was developed.
    1. Download and install BlockLauncher Pro apk, then use FX File Explorer, ES File Explorer or other file managers to find the apk file in the Downloads folder.
    2. After installation, use Blocklauncher Pro to launch the game.
    3. After starting the game, you should see the wrench icon at the top of the screen. It also serves as a guideline that you did everything right.
    4. Click on "Startup Options".
    5. Next, scroll down the list and click on "Manage Scripts".
    6. In this menu, you can manage the installed scripts and import them. Here you can also specify the path to the downloaded script.
    7. It is worth noting that some modifications have both script and texture packs. You will need to import this separately. In newer versions, BlockLauncher has a feature to recognize a folder with texture packs and a folder with scripts inside a zip archive, which slightly simplifies the import process.
    8. This has some pros but also cons because mods work for all single and multiplayer (which work on the client side) game worlds automatically. You can activate or deactivate this in the scripts settings menu.
    9. Launch one of the game worlds and check if everything is working correctly. It is also worth noting that this has an extremely low chance of conflict with other scripts, the exception is the same names of items or mobs.
    10. Done! Enjoy the new gameplay.

  • Which of the updates did you like the most?
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    25 Mar 2016
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