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Advance Vehicles Mod For Minecraft PE 1.8, 1.7


This mod adds in the world of Minecraft PE ten different vehicle. In game this mod adds a helicopter, a biplane, an airplane, a bulldozer, TANK, Bicycle, car, sports car, car police and real UFO. And it's all in your mobile version of MCPE for Android.


Each vehicle has its own sound, as well as different abilities.

Here is a full list of vehicles:

Almost every vehicle you need gas. The gasoline is already in this mod. After charging, simply insert the key and go.


He equaled the earth which goes: if the front obstacle he removes it, if found the pit, he falls asleep.

A simple plane that just flies.

Military aircraft

Fast it flies and drops bombs in the form of TNT.

Police car
Advance Vehicles Mod for Minecraft PE

The car just goes back and forth and emits a siren sound.


The helicopter can shoot missiles (bombs, TNT), or shoot (an Arrow). It is also very fast it flies.


A simple means to move around.


UFO can shoot out of the machine (Arrows) and drop bombs (TNT).


It is indeed a real tank. He can shoot TNT in the distance. Try to blow up a mountain - that's fine.

* Download the mod
* Open the app Blocklauncher
* Install the textures from the mod (zip archive)
* Install the script from the mod (. js file)
* Close Blocklauncher
* Use ES File Explorer or B1 Archiver (or any other file Manager) to locate the downloaded sounds in the ZIP archive, extract them, and then move audio files in /games/com.mojang/MCPE_MECH/. MCPE_MECH if the folder does not exist, you must create yourself.
* Launch Blocklauncher and enjoy the mod

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