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Blocks vs Zombies Mini-Game Map For Minecraft PE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


Map Blocks vs Zombies was taken from the PC version of Minecraft. This map is a small mini game where you have to survive 10 waves of zombies. Completing these quests you get access to cool new weapons. This map will be very interesting for those players who want to improve their combat skills with zombies in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

How to play?
To start, take bow and arrows from the trunk, and hit one of the buttons to activate wave of zombies. You will need to immediately shoot with an arrow at the zombies, so they do not have time to destroy your base. After a few waves of zombies you already feel increase of skill shooting with a bow.

4 and 8 of each wave you will receive in your inventory a new type of weapon, which is much more efficient to fight with the evil monsters.

  • To enable maximum mode of difficulty.
  • Not to destroy the blocks and not go outside.
  • Set the maximum plotting.

    How to install Blocks vs Zombies Mini-Game

    The Game Worlds (Maps) have the following file formats: .mcworld or .zip. The MCworld file types automate the process of installing maps.
    1. First we need FX, ES or another File Explorer application.
    2. Using File Explorer, find the downloaded .mcworld.
    3. As in iOS, Android, so in Windows 10 or 11, by default, all downloaded files are contained in the "Downloads" folder.
    4. In the drop-down menu, open the map using the Minecraft PE (Bedrock) application. It will take some time to import.
    5. After successful import, you will see the appropriate pop-up labels in the main menu of the game.
    6. Next, we need to find the game world in the list of created maps.
    7. Note that this may have a different creation date, so it will take some time to scroll down the list.
    8. Open the game world and enjoy new adventures.

    In case the map has .ZIP or .RAR, then use the following steps:
    1. Long press on the zip file to select it. Then click the "More" button in the lower right corner. And then click "Extract to".
    2. After extracting the zip file, copy the created folder.
    3. Place the folder in the following location: /games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds.
    4. Launch Minecraft PE (Bedrock Edition).
    5. Next, find the game world and set the necessary parameters (If specified by the author).
    6. Open the game world and enjoy the new gameplay.

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