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Auto Spleef PvP Arena - MiniGame Minecraft PE Map 1.20.15, 1.19.83


Spleef Arena - is one of the most popular mini games for Minecraft PE. Its essence lies in the fact that you need to defeat the opponents by breaking blocks under them. The eternal problem with these maps was that had a long time to recover or restart map. Here, the map itself is restored, that will allow you to spend less time to recover and play more time with friends.

To begin, all participants should get enchanted diamond shovels, which are capable of a 2 hit to break any block. If for some reason you lose it, then again you can get in the distributor:

To play this mini-game pretty easy. All players stand on a platform with lava under it in the middle of the map, and then one of them makes the countdown.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the platform automatically restored, which will allow to quickly start the next rounds.

Here is a small list of rules that will allow you to resolve some misunderstandings between the players:
  • Do not destroy blocks except cobblestone.
  • Set the minimum difficulty.
  • Not allowed to attack other players.

    Installation Auto Spleef Arena Map:
  • Download the map.
  • Remove the map from "Auto Spleef.zip".
  • Move the map by path: "/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds".
  • Go in Minecraft PE → Play → Select the installed map.
  • Enjoy the game!

    Install Resources:
  • In the directory "games/com.mojang/" create a folder "resource_packs".
  • Remove the textures from "spleef-textures-updated.zip", and move only the folder from the archive to the folder "resource_packs".
  • Go to settings — global texture.
  • Select the downloaded mod.
  • Resource pack installed — now restart MCPE.

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