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Lock on Warehouse in Minecraft PE


Lovers of mechanical houses like this guide, because today we will build a warehouse blocking access. The mechanism we are going to build in Minecraft PE.

Let's start with the fence. Put in this way three rows of wooden fence and the fence from hell (on the screenshot, my mistake, it is corrected below):

The place for chests and chest:

Two piston, top and bottom:

Fence the fence on the contour of the blocks:

To sum up the Redstone signal to the bottom of the piston as follows:

On the side above the Redstone block 2 block set red stone and sticky piston, is directed at him:

By 1 red block above the torch and lever:

We go further in altitude, set the piston pointing upwards and the observer. (Note to correctly set the observer, first place the piston and then from the inner side attach the observer. Compare the location of the screenshot). Also join the Redstone observer and the top of the piston:


Now, many may not realize how locked chests? The fact that the fence from hell, and a fence made of wood are not interconnected, therefore when the average number of blocks of the fence is shifted, You have access to the chests, as there is a gap between the rows of fences.

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05 Oct 2016
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