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Release date MCPE 0.17.0 and the future of the game


With every update Minecraft PE is becoming more and more similar to the PC version of the game. The developers add more and more new content, which opens up new possibilities. In this article we will tell you about supposed new features in the future updates of the game 0.17.0!

So Minecon 2016, the developers have demonstrated the first opportunity of the new modding in the game (so-called Add-ons or add-ons/mods). In addition to these mods, the developers plan to create a plugin system that will be created in C#.

Watch the video below and you'll understand.

At the moment no one except the developers knows nothing about the new version of the game, but now we can only speculate what will happen in the new update:
  • Advanced features modding a game using texture packs
  • Plugins programming language C#
  • Worlds with height 256 blocks
  • Trolley with stove
  • The ability to download music (if the music is already in the game, the game will be weighs more than 150M.
  • Player
  • Spectator mode, hardcore and adventure
  • Training games to add Edge
  • Painted glass
  • Trading with the villagers
  • Polar bears
  • The magma block, hell., hell red brick, bone block
  • Banners
  • Stand for armor
  • Fossils

    Fossils - structures, which are generated underground in certain biomes. Have the shape of the skull and spine. This could be the remains of some huge monster? While any bone block can be replaced by coal ore.

    In addition, in Minecraft PE there will be new mobs, such as Lama, a resident-surveyor, Caller, Vex and Vindicator, which appeared in a recent update the PC version of Minecraft 1.11.

    Appears generation of a new structure - the forest house. Is generated in the dark forest. Is a huge house with many rooms: bedrooms, offices, dining rooms, farms, prison and many other rooms.

    In the hallways, bedrooms and offices spawn Champions in the dining rooms and in the hall — Caller.

    Forest mansion is really huge and you will have to spend a lot of time to complete his study.

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