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Ocean Monument in Minecraft PE 0.16.0, 0.15.9


This guide was created for fans of innovations. Recently released update that added ocean monuments, about which I will tell in Minecraft PE 0.16.0/0.15.9.

To begin with, what is built ocean monuments:

The Monument is guarded by a guard, and inside the Monument even stronger mobs - ancient guardians:

Ocean Monument consists of a huge number of rooms, many of which have no purpose, but rather made for beauty. I think You will be interested to take a look at three floors of the Monument in the context of:
1st floor:

2nd floor:

3rd floor:

As you can see, in the Monument well, very easy to get confused. I myself have faced this problem. But I think that after a few Monuments, You'll get used to it and you will be guided well in the Monuments. I will tell You that confusion is not the biggest challenge, the most difficult to deal with the guardians. In the Monument stands to go after a long development on the land. Requires at least diamond armor. It's not just the village, which is no problem to steal. Here you need to prepare for several days. About the required training I will cover in another guide, I will give You just an overview.

Many now think that you can just hide from the guards, but I hasten to disappoint You as I have not told everything about the ancient guardians. As long as any of the ancient guardian of the Monument, You may interfere with the effect of Fatigue III, which will not let You break blocks. Therefore, You have to clean the Monument, and it needs a lot of resources and effort.

But what is it for? I forgot to mention about the award. In the main hall 8x8x8 cube that holds 8 gold blocks. Also every guard dropouts sponges, which are also a good help. In some other rooms similarly spawns a wet sponge, to encourage the player. To be precise, the Monument will spawn three ancient guardian.

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31 Aug 2016
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