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MCPE 0.15.0 world height of 256 blocks or 391?


We have never wrote about this, but now it's time. MCPE 0.15.0 development has not stopped. Actually the developers have published the release 1 and 2 in order as soon as possible we tested a new innovation in MCPE — Realms.

That is why with the release of Minecraft Pocket Edition, you do not see the expected innovation in MCPE.

The other day Thomas shared on his page on Twitter a very interesting picture where we can see the generation of the world. The image of little you understand. But according to Thomas, trying to make the world of Minecraft PE with a height of 256 blocks — the attempt was unsuccessful, it was at that time only the first attempt Tommy.

After a few days Thomas shares with us a new screenshot, which he quoted as follows: Gee golly, I'm sure that on top of the 391 block is cool.

In the screenshot below you can see the view of the world from the highest possible point of view. Now we can confidently say that Thomas still managed to make the world in 256 blocks, even more.

However, the peace in 391 block is not implemented in MCPE because it will take a lot of resources of the device. If we talk about the world height of 256 blocks, its generation and portrayal, too, will need lots of resources and funds. We therefore hope that the developers will make MCPE in settings the possibility to choose the height level generation.

Or will we wait and hope for a good optimization of the game.

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23 Apr 2016
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