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How to make a pot for flowers in Minecraft PE?


You are greeted by expanses of the world Minecraft. The freedom of the player is so wide that you can not be afraid to build their homes and make the premises comfortable and beautiful. And will help you to implement your plan user flower pot. Be planted in different plants, as long as they liked the user.
The basic material for flower pot is clay. From it the user will have in the oven to make bricks. For one clay pot will need three bricks that are arranged in a certain way. Therefore the recipe looks like this:

  • The first row to be skipped. It is not considered, since, leave blank.
  • The second row is filled with bricks on one cell from the right and from the left edge.
  • For the cells of the third row will only need one brick and set it in the cell.

    As a result, the finished flower pot.

    Don't forget that to get the capacity for growing flowers and other method. So, intentionally or accidentally, caught in the witch's cottage — look around, she is full of flower pots.

    What plants are planted in Minecraft in clay pots?

    The player can plant a cactus (though they will shrink in size), mushroom, flower, fern, dry bushes. It is important to remember to plant double plant the user will fail. But to have all this beauty blooming on the windowsill or on the estate.

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