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How to make a firecracker Minecraft PE?


Christmas mood in Minecraft to create a very simple. Because the developers already took care of this Supplement. Does such a thing as a firecracker (rocket). She will stay in the virtual world is just as festive, as in reality.
However, to craft this item you will need to grind. After all, to get the rocket only by having ingredients such as star (the maximum number of seven units), gunpowder (maximum 7 items), paper (1 unit). Where the * power of the explosion, its color and shape. But the powder determines the duration of the explosion. So, using 2 units of gunpowder, the explosion will last for two seconds, 3 units — three seconds, etc.

The recipe
Opened in the workbench and have in it according to the recipe:

  • All the cells of the first row, except the middle is filled with a star — leave blank.
  • Proceed similarly with the cells of the second row except the center cell, which is filled with paper.
  • Also happens with the cells of the third row. However, here the Central cell is filled with gunpowder.

    As a result, the rocket for a festive shot ready.

    How to launch a rocket?
    To start the device with the hands, tapping at any point on the surface RBМ. And if you have a distributor — it is possible to launch missiles from it.

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