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Creeper in Minecraft PE


This guide was created for players who want to know everything about the mobs. Here I will tell You about the creeper in Minecraft PE.

Creeper applies to hostile mobs(Attacking player, even if he appeared in the zone of their visibility).

Creeper is a hostile mob, a real nightmare for a newbie in the gaming world. Move silently, and only before the attack (by explosion) starts to hiss 1.5 seconds. Not burned in the sun, day becomes neutral (like Enderman) is Very dangerous because the explosion not just damages, but also breaking blocks in a certain radius.

Creeper afraid of ocelots, so it is very valuable to tame this cat, because the creeper will not work the cat is closer than 5 blocks, but on the contrary, will begin to run away. But we should not lose vigilance, fleeing creeper was still dangerous and may attack if the player strays far from the ocelot.

So what's with the explosion? The only unit that is guaranteed to not explode from a creeper obsidian. But there is a caveat. Creeper in the explosion can stand on the pressure plate, and in this case, will suffer and will break only this plate.

Speaking of combat, will tell You that the most important thing - time to notice creeper. It is best to kill him with a bow at a safe distance. But if You don't have a bow, it is safer just to kill the creeper, causing one punch or sword and stepping back after each shot. This will allow you to beat the creeper without letting it explode.

And here are a few tips on what to do to avoid a creeper near his home:
  • Of course, the first thing to highlight areas in the house and the territory nearby. It will not allow the creeper to spawn.
  • Next is of course the fence. Protect the lighted area near the house.
  • It is also possible to dissolve the camp of the cats. The distance between two cats in
  • 9 blocks should be enough to creeper not pass between Your defenders.

    And standard a couple of interesting facts:

    • Creeper was a failed attempt to create a Notch a pig.
    • From creeper to hide in the reeds, going into the Bush.

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