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Console commands in Minecraft PE 0.16.0


I think many already know that in Minecraft PE added console command, which is detailed enough where it is written. In this guide I will try more to describe the essence of each commands.

So, the full list and a note for each commands:
  • /? or /help - help command reference. Print the full list of commands in multiple pages.
  • /clone - copies a region from the first two coordinates in the third.
  • /gamemode <0/1> - set player survival mode(0) or creative mode(1).
  • /give - give items.
  • /kill - kill player. (you can't kill the player in creative mode)
  • /list - show list of players connected to the server.
  • /op - gives the specified player operator.
  • /deop - to take the player to the operator.
  • /say - write something in the chat.
  • /setblock - set the block at the specified coordinates.
  • /setworldspawn - set the spawn for all players.
  • /spawnpoint - set the spawn for the player.
  • /summon - spawn a creature by the coordinates (for example, /summon lavaslime 5 5 5).
  • /tell (or /w, /msg - send a message to the player.
  • /time add - add time (to rewind).
  • /time set - set time. (for example, /time set day or night)
  • /toggledownfall - to turn on/off the rain.
  • /tp or /teleport - teleport to coordinates.
  • /tp or /teleport - teleport a specific player to the coordinates.
  • /tp or /teleport - teleport to player.
  • /tp or /teleport - teleport to player_1 player_2.
  • /xp - gives specified player experience.
  • /fill - fill the selected area with blocks.

    Yet some commands about which I wrote above:
  • /execute
  • /time query
  • /testforblock
  • /testforblocks
  • /clearfixedinv
  • /setfixedinvslot

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