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About Minecraft PE 1.3.0 Beta Aquatic Update


About Minecraft PE 1.3.0 Beta Aquatic Update
Finally, the developers have started to inform us with news about the update Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.3. The update will be released very soon and the owners of Android, iPhone, Windows 10 and Xbox one devices will be able to first evaluate new features using the beta version.

Tanner Pearson on his Twitter page reported that work on the ocean biome is complete, but requires some improvements.

Thanks to this, the oceans in the game will be divided into different biomes with certain temperatures (ordinary ocean, cold ocean, warm ocean, and so on).

Meanwhile, Jason Major started to add flora and fauna to underwater world.

About Minecraft PE 1.3.0 Beta Aquatic Update
Aubrey Norris in correspondence with one of the players said that in the version of the Bedrock, as in the Java Edition, will be available labels for maps. And most importantly,"it will probably take a few more weeks before we can get a beta."

This means that the long-awaited Minecraft 1.3 Beta 1 Can be released by the end of this month!

Minecraft Label

To create a label, you need a map and a flag. The flag can be placed in any place, and then you need to tap it on the map. This will create a special label on the map.

You can also rename the flag in the anvil. After that, the map will be labeled with the name:
About Minecraft PE 1.3.0 Beta Aquatic Update

Wait for the update is not so long! In addition to all the already known innovations in the game will be added to a secret monster (most likely it will be an underwater boss) and a new treasure (an ordinary object is or some new weapon-the developers have not yet reported.

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09 Mar 2018
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