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Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 6 Testing - ver. Download


Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 6 Testing - ver. Download
As in previous updates, Minecraft PE the game fixed a lot of bugs, but no new updates! With each new beta test, you can not worry about the critical crashes of the game, and send more error information to the developers.

Changelog MCPE 1.2 Beta 6

  • In MCPE 1.2.0 now again possible to use custom skins
  • The developers changed the schedule in the recipe book
  • Minecraft fixed problem placing multiple items, clicking the right button of the mouse
  • Scrolling fixed menu, choice of skins
  • Added display indicator empty armor in the recipe book
  • And again improved the performance recipe book in Minecraft PE for Android
  • In the crafting window will now be shown how many items will be created in survival mode
  • Cards can be removed from the chests, after update world
  • Fixed departure Minecraft 1.2 at the entrance to the vault, if you open settings from the store, when you craft items, once another object was to throw in a recipe book
  • Updated the text of "How to play"
  • Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 6 Testing - ver. Download
  • Fixed the animation of the rods
  • No need to restart Minecraft after template import
  • Before the destruction of the armor will burn!
  • Fixed display of banners in MCPE Bild 6
  • Graphic settings are updated without restarting Minecraft PE
  • Horses will not be applied to damage when first using the saddle
  • Also fixed a few bugs in the trade

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18 Aug 2017
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