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Download Minecraft PE 0.15.9 Build 1, Build 2, Build 3, Build 4


Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.9 - is a surprise update for of us! Suddenly, for all players MCPE out of beta version Minecraft PE 0.15.9 Build 1.

The essence of update Minecraft PE 0.15.9 was supposed that this version introduced the expected content for Minecraft PE version 0.16.0, namely the introduction of underwater fortresses, guards, and most importantly: the new game menu.

All this is now in version Minecraft pocket Edition 0.15.9 build 1! Let's briefly review all the innovations of this version of the game!

What's new?
  • The first thing that we notice at the entrance in Minecraft PE 0.15.9 – it's the new "Shop" button. Also from above we see familiar information for us that this is a beta test Assembly.

  • The settings menu of the game. This is something new. We already wrote about this earlier on the website that the update of Minecraft will be updated to 0.16.0 menu, but no. The upgrade menu was much earlier than expected! As you can see the game menu has become more comfortable and a bit like the PC version of Minecraft. It's been made for greater comfort in the game settings like in Android/iOS and Windows Phone (Windows 10).

    Every element and section of the menu was done in exactly this style.

    Menu worlds Minecraft Pocket Edition remained unchanged, but the interface create world MCPE was updated under PC style.

    During the creation of the world, you can specify additional parameters, such as: "type of game, level of difficulty (new feature)", "cheats (new feature) and other standard parameters, which have a much a comfortable and modern design! Of course to start [interface] Minecraft will need to get used to!

    And after a brief setting of your new world, we can click on the button to create the world and go back to it!

  • When you open the interface what do we see? We see new eggs for call! They are located directly in front of the icons of the sword in the screenshot.

    The colorful egg not active yet, and the egg guard is quite functional. You can take it and produce guards!

  • We long did not wait and took the egg guards! The update Minecraft PE 0.15.9 really amazing we do not need to wait for updates for Minecraft PE 0.16.0 to explore the underwater fortress — in fact here they are now, almost in our hands!

    Coming seeds for Minecraft PE version 0.15.9 where you can find underwater fortress! Anyway, here's the guardian!

    The stop menu of the game so it was completely changed for a more modern, comfortable and beautiful!

    The design of the interface of the game is right in the world of MCPE looks awesome! I recommend quickly download Minecraft PE 0.15.9 and enjoy these new additions!

  • Just want to note that you can now without leaving the game to change the game mode of the game, right in the world settings, while in the world of MCPE 0.15.9 to change the difficulty there, and enable cheats!

    That's actually a fortress which is guarded by guards!

  • Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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    30 Aug 2016
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    it dosent work 
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    try reinstalling it
    Ini bagaimana download mcpe v 0.17.0 biggrin cry
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