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Magic Rush: Heroes App For Android 4.4.4, 5.0, 5.1


Magic Rush: Heroes – a game in which you have to build your League of heroes and guide all its power on enemies. This game combines elements of RPG with tower defense and strategy. Assemble your unbeatable team with a variety of characters, participate in epic battles in PvP arena, or completing various quests in a single company. In this game you will be a huge map with varied resources and numerous kingdoms that you have to protect. Build towers and protect them from enemies, checking on the powers and abilities of his characters, bringing them to perfection. Each character in this game has its own unique set of spells, developing your own strategy of fighting, you will easily be able to defeat the enemies. Challenge other players and prove that you are the best in the game.

Magic Rush Heroes for android, we once again stand in defense of one of the fantasy worlds in which you must rescue all the civilians from the forces of evil, but this time do it to be a whole team of interesting and quirky characters. The plot of the game the world was attacked by a terrible sorcerer, which in addition to the fear and terror that he carries was ukal the souls of all heroes, and that you will return, and all the heroes will join your squad as they are released.

In the game you will find several types of jobs. Of course, the first task is to defend the city and its main value is presented in the form of one of the most strong and powerful crystals to protect all the forces, not allowing the enemies to get to him. In this case everything is quite simple and reminds us standard Tower Defense, but instead of turrets in the game are the characters you will be set to the path that moving a variety of opponents.

In the second embodiment, jobs are all a lot more boring. You need to pick up your own squad of several fighters and take them on a hike, but most importantly, that you're in a battle to be involved simply will not remain only to observe the events on the playing field. Your heroes will automatically attack enemies, and you will only occasionally use special skills for each hero by clicking on the appropriate icon. Between battles you can improve the parameters of your characters, as well as to upgrade their skills. Over time they will accumulate experience points and obtain various improvements, using runes gained from defeating enemies. Also don't forget to correctly, pick up a detachment of soldiers on campaign, as they are different can interact with each other on what can affect the effectiveness of the battles.

In a graphical sense, the game was very even cute, but nothing original here. The portrayal of the characters and locations at the highest level, but the animation is how the characters and the overall location leaves much to be desired. A bit corrects this situation a variety of effects and use of special abilities, with splashes and flowers.

Magic Heroes Rush the game - not the best role-playing game, but worthy of attention, so as to accustom with it will be simple, then extend it for free.

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