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Download Minecraft PE v1.9.0.15 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage


Download Minecraft PE (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
Minecraft PE v1.9.0 Village and Pillage is out of beta. Now Minecraft is available to download for Android and iOS devices with mods and xbox live access. Added new decorative blocks, mobs and huge changes in the balance of the game.

Minecraft PE Features

    Download Minecraft PE v1.9.0.15 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
  • Now you can use new flowers: Lily of the Valley and Cornflower. It has a great variety to the standard set of flowers
  • Download Minecraft PE v1.9.0.15 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
  • Signs can be crafted out of more materials. Use birch, jungle, acacia, and dark oak to get different colors of signs
  • Download Minecraft PE v1.9.0.15 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
  • Added new stair, slab, and walls. To create these decorative elements, use the following materials:
    Stone, Granite, Polished Granite, Diorite, Polished Diorite, Andesite, Polished Andesite, Sandstone, Smooth Red Sandstone, Smooth Quartz, Nether Brick, Red Nether Brick, Mossy Cobblestone
  • Added new feature for "/gamerule" commands. Now you can see who dies on your map or on the server. Use the "showDeathMessages" command to activate this feature
  • You can use the new command for "/gamerule" called "Immediate Respawn" to instantly respawn after death bypassing the death screen.

Download Minecraft PE v1.9.0.15 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage

Minecraft PE v1.9.0.15 Changes

  • Added new tips and tricks that can be seen when the world is loaded. They are based on the new mechanics of the game and the newly added blocks
  • Now on the screen of the main menu of the game you can see the new funny inscriptions that appear in random order near the inscription "Minecraft"
  • The procedure of removal of old worlds is facilitated. Now you can do it right in the menu of viewing the list of created worlds
  • Download Minecraft PE v1.9.0.15 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage
  • Slightly changed the mechanics of some blocks, such as the boiler can now hold the lava
  • Added the ability to notify you of the death of a tamed animal. Such notification will be sent to the chat. So you no longer have to bother with the search for the missing tamed animal.

Download Minecraft PE v1.9.0.15 (MCPE) APK free Village & Pillage

Minecraft Android Overview

MCPE how to play for free?

  • Use the latest version of Blocklauncher pro. With this apk you'll be able to bypass most degrees of protection and access to xbox live
  • Download the mod apk version for free to enjoy all the paid skins, textures and adventures in the marketplace
  • Download the hacked version of the game, where the built-in bypass to authenticate the license.

Download Minecraft v1.9.0.15 Android

Download Minecraft 1.18.1 apk
Download Minecraft PE 1.19 apk (152.24 Mb) The Wild Update
MinecraftPE_mods_com.apk (2.46 Mb)
Download Minecraft_PE_v1.9.0.15_xbox.apk (85.66 Mb)
Download Minecraft_PE_v1.9.0.15_mod1.apk (85.64 Mb)
Download Minecraft_PE_v1.9.0.15_mod2.apk(85.53 Mb)

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Total comments: 18
I am unable to open. The game crashes just as I open it. Please fix it
You need to uninstall standard minecraft and then install downloaded. This is cracked version.
Thanks for telling! biggrin
It wont let me sign my XBOX account. dry
In this case, you will need to purchase the game.
And mod2
What is the difference
Unlocked premium skins
Unlocked premium texture
Unlocked premium skins
Unlocked premium texture
No damage mod
Unlimited breath
Max Inventory Size
hit kill with weapons
Infinite furnace fire
Max score
Indestructible Tools
Thanks alot
Share the link, I will be very happy.
Won't let me sign into Xbox. Don't bother telling me to purchase it unless u give me £6.99 angry
Download minecraft with Xbox live acces and then update it to And you'll see that in you will see that you are sign in to xbox
How do I update it exactly? cry
I will try it now. Ty.
cry noob com