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Natural 32x32 Texture Pack For Minecraft PE iOS, Android 1.11, 1.10


This is the Natural Texture Pack for Minecraft PE. It was first introduced to the mobile version in the 1.8 update, but can be used in any other 0.15.0+ version.
This resource pack can say will replace the standard 16x16 textures for better quality. By improving them you will become much more enjoyable to play in Minecraft PE, as everything will be a little more realistic and colorful.
Instructions are included with the folder.

I do not own this texture pack, I only ported it.

For more information, got to: Minecraft Forums

Install Natural Texture Pack:
  • Go into you device folder and go to the folder that is titled 'games'
  • Find the folder named 'com.mojang'
  • Create a new folder named 'resource_packs'
  • Copy and paste the texture pack folder 'vanilla'* into the newly created 'resource_packs' folder
  • Close your file explorer and restart Minecraft Pocket Edition if it was already open
  • Once inside of the Minecraft application, go to the 'Options'
  • Then, go to where it says 'Texture Packs' and select 'Manage'
  • Once there, select the newly ported texture pack
  • Enjoy

  • 07 Sep 2016
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    i' m like this texture pack, its so beautifulllllll!!
    no me aparece el paquete en mi minecraft que hago