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Realistic Lightweight Shaders For Minecraft PE 1.0.0, 0.16.2, 0.16.0
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Shaders Lightweight will make the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition more realistic. Shaders can seem too bright in the daytime, but it can be controlled by the settings in Minecraft PE. However, the brightness in night time is very well balanced. Night shaders make Minecraft a more enjoyable night compared to the daytime colors become more gentle. During testing we came to the conclusion that the shaders blend well with the cities.

Recommended settings
In the settings of Minecraft Pocket Edition, get the brightness to minimum. Unless of course the graphics will be too bright. This is still device dependent, but in any case the brightness you can adjust yourself.

Install Realistic Lightweight Shaders:
Download shaders.
Start BlockLauncher Pro.
Click on the Allen key.
Go to Settings BL.
Enable textures.
Go to Texture pack and click Import.
Now you need to find the downloaded shaders in the file system of your device and click on them.
Enjoy the established textures!

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Cool biggrin
any tips on making it less laggy? cool