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ClagCraft Texture Pack For Minecraft PE
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ClagCraft is pretty simplistic textures for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Most blocks and items got new textures with the result that they look more clean and smooth — they have become "solid". These textures look good on the background of the natural worlds or the background of the medieval structures. If you are looking for a simple but at the same time, some of the original texture, which would be different from the standard textures MCPE, texture pack ClagCraft, what you need!

Installing texture ClagCraft:
  • Download texture.
  • Start BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Click on the wrench key.
  • Go to Settings BL.
  • Enable textures.
  • Go to Texture pack and click Import.
  • Now you need to find the downloaded texture pack in the file system of your device and click on it.
  • Enjoy the established textures!

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