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Kingdom of PvP Minecraft PE - Win 10 Server 1.11, 1.10.0,


Kingdom of PvP fights Minecraft PE - Win 10 Server
Immediately after spawning into the Minecraft PE server, you will be able to notice a very beautiful castle, or rather a vast Kingdom of PvP fights. Rumor has it that here the players find out the relationship and to measure its strength only of the blade or bow.
Kingdom of PvP fights Minecraft PE - Win 10 Server
The main theme of the server is PvP, for this reason, the administrators have made a unique internal table of achievements and global ranking. Everything counts, for example, how you hold the sword or bow, as well as how much damage you get.

Server Plugins & Mods

  • RPG
  • Factions
  • Mini Games
  • PvP

Language & Location

  • EN-US
  • United States

Server IP & Port

12 Sep 2017
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