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Broken Lens - All Mods Minecraft PE Server 1.8,, 1.6.1

Broken Lens - All Mods Minecraft PE Server
Broken Lens is the server which is the main base where you can go to any other server with a certain mod. There are a total of 12 servers from the Broken Lens.
Broken Lens - All Mods Minecraft PE Server
This multiplayer community offers to include all currently existing mini-games or play classic survival or joint thematic creativity.
Simply register with the command /reg and you no longer need to login on the other servers.
Consistently high online players at peak times in excess of 10 000.
Each part of the server is very nicely decorated in Roman style, more like the palaces of Zeus on mount Olympus.

Server Plugins & Mods

  • Murder Mystery
  • TNT Run
  • Block Party
  • Sky Wars
  • Survival Games

Language & Location

  • EN-US
  • United States

Server IP & Port

06 Sep 2017
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