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Space PvP Arena Map For Minecraft PE iOS, Android 1.16.201, 1.16.40


On the Minecraft PE map Space built great PvP platform. DL this all looked like in space — planets and stars that surround the arena. Choose your class: pyro Master, Darth Vader or Astronaut, then exit the arena to fight other players. If you're a fan of the movie Star Wars, we got this map you and your friends will be delighted.

Start by selecting one of the sets. There are eight different classes, one of which you can choose. Classes include the following characters: Lord of Fire, Witch, Darth Vader, Alien, Astronaut, LordPlanet, GalaxyGuard and Storm Troop.

When you have selected the class, the time comes to act. In chat do a countdown from 10, and then start the fight.

In the arena you will see some pressure plates. If you will be on a plate — you'll have some effects from potions. The effects of speed, high jumps and more.

Installation map Space:
  • Download the map.
  • Remove the map from the archive.
  • Move the map by path: "/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds".
  • Go in Minecraft PE → Play → Select the installed map.
  • Enjoy the game!

  • 14 Apr 2016
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