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Murder Mystery: Beach Resort MiniGame Map 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Murder Mystery Minecraft PE map: Beach Resort — on this map you will find fun mini-game in which players get playing certain roles. The map can play 4 to 10 players (maximum). Each participant of the mini-game will be given its own role that it must play. One participant gets the role of the killer, and the other the role of the witness.

The killer must try to kill all witnesses, but not to be seen. The witness at this time is trying to figure out who the murderer is to kill him.

How to play?
For the game and the map requires a minimum of four players (maximum of 10)

Before the game each player must go through the Randomizer, at one time, to assign a role to each player. Open the door and enter into it, and then last may it will be closed. Then click on the button below dropper to get the note. Click on the note in Your inventory to see which role gave you.

There are two types of roles:

  • The witness: this role is assigned to all other players in the game who is the killer. The role of the witness is to try to figure out who is the murderer and kill him.
  • Killer: This role can be assigned to only one participant of this game. Task killer — to kill other players without being noticed. When the killer is dead — it notifies everyone in a text chat, then the game ends.

If you become an observer after death — you can't tell anyone who the killer is. Also, you will not be able to log back in to the "Beach Resort".

When you have again returned to a beach resort — wait for other players. When you all will meet again you will again be able to start the game.

Read this! This is not the original rules of the map, and were invented by third parties, and the map had less cheaters!
  • For the game on the map takes about 4-10 people.
  • Not to communicate with anyone in chat / Nothing to write in the chat.
  • In break blocks.
  • Do not install the blocks.

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