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Terrible Adventures Map for Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Yes, Yes, you read that right. This is a real horror map for Minecraft PE version. Awakening is a horror adventure where you will travel into the darkest depths of your fears. Downloading and installing this map on your smartphone you will find yourself in an endless dream fear, where exciting and mysterious voice will haunt your mind every time lead you to traps. Be very careful! But maybe this is your last chance to get out and again to see his family. Keep looking out! He is.

The history of the Awakening map:
A mysterious voice in your head: Steve, you'll never see your family again. You are trapped in an endless dream....
Steve: Who are you?! How do you know my name? What an endless sleep?! What a joke.
The mysterious voice continues: This is no joke! Now it's your eternal life that will be subjected to torture! Give up right now!

Stunned, you looked into the darkness, not knowing how to respond to what just happened to you. You notice a small echo of the light at the end of the street... it looks Like it's a lamppost... You went to him, trying to understand what all this means and how to get out of here.

Rules card:
  • Set the range of drawing to the maximum
  • Get the full Brightness
  • Set the minimum level of complexity

  • 05 Dec 2015
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