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Ancient Disney Palace Map for Minecraft PE 1.16.220, 1.16.210


Why Disney? Don't know. Why the Ancient Palace? Don't know. But this name was chosen by the author of this Minecraft PE map and we have no right to accuse him of something, because for us actually - a masterpiece! It is a masterpiece micro plasm creativity, nothing else really to say. This can already like him for his perseverance and patience.

During the day he looks great! A huge silhouette of magnificent towers and the magnificence of ancient architecture. As if the old castle rose before our eyes. It really captures and excites from the inside out.

At night the Palace looks like the apotheosis of the ancient builders of immortal structures. The author of the map is really well done, highlighting the most important stuff on the night view.

Inside. Oh my God, this is incredibly beautiful, isn't it?! Well as such beauty and not download.

05 Dec 2015
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