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Arena (Story Mode) [Mini-games] Map MCPE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Recently, the company Mojang new batch of skins and map, which were specially designed for Pocket Edition, to celebrate the completion of the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode. As always, when Mojang released one of his maps, this is something amazing. In this case Mojang have released a mini-survival game where you have to team up with friends to fight against waves of monsters that will try to attack and kill. To fight monsters, get better equipment, and in the end fights still get a delicious cake.

How to play?
We highly recommend you to play this map with friends, because there are many monsters that will attack you.

Enter the arena and hit the button, which is located on the diamond block to start the call which was pre-prepared for you. (If you die you will not be able to enter the arena. Iron doors will be locked.) Don't forget to set the difficulty at least on the first position [1 (-|–)], otherwise the monsters will not appear.

So we recommend you not to stay long in one place. Try more and more to move not to be cornered by monsters.

After the victory of the first wave of monsters will be an open area of the arena. There are two chests where you can obtain weapons, food and equipment.

As there is a button which activates the next wave/level.

And so it continues until, until you get the victory over 5 waves of monsters. And finally, if you still stand on his feet, and the last monster was killed, you can enjoy a great cake.

  • Set the complexity to a minimum (no peaceful mode) so the monsters had a chance to catch the world in MCPE. Can set the difficulty to maximum.
  • Do not break or place blocks

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    Install The Arena (Story Mode):
    Download the map.
    Remove the map from the archive.
    Move the map by path: "/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds".
    Go in Minecraft PE → Play → Select the installed map.
    Enjoy the game!

  • 09 Apr 2016
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    I don't understand how to download the map
    Me neither
    Oh come on I did the instructions properly the map did not pop up on the list of my worlds