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What in Minecraft can be made from silicium?


Quite often players need to make the device to something cleverly to set fire or blow up. Usually used for this purpose lighter, she's flint. And to make this item, you will have to extract silicium. Natural deposits of rock in the game will not meet. So you have to extract it from gravel.

Looking for silicium
So that to find the necessary amount of silicium should be run with patience, and a shovel to go into the mine. It was there, finding blocks of gravel, and 10 from each block to produce a unit of silicium. In order to translate simply did not breed gift, you should use magic and enchant a shovel spell "luck" of the third level. In this case, each time the destruction of the gravel block will drop a unit of silicium. Another place of production of silicium is the underwater world.
Also, gather up a large amount of gravel, compact to fold it into blocks with silicon. In order to make the player do this is a big tower with gravel. Erecting it at a good height, breaks an enchanted pickaxe. All the blocks with a silicium finish.

Objects made of silicium

Only a few items are made with the use of silicium in the craft. The first is tinder. In the workbench you need to put the iron ingot and silicium unit. The second — boom. For crafting which you must have a stick (1 unit), pen (1 unit), silicium (one unit).

12 Apr 2016
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