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Exclusive features Minecraft PE


The game enjoys a great popularity because it is common as personal computers and handheld devices. Minecraft: Pocket Edition for handheld devices has exclusive features, which I will paint below.

When generating the world:
  • Slightly changed the color of swamp water.
  • In the villages of the inhabitants on some tables generated no pressure plate, and carpet.
  • Only MCPE there are fallen trees.
  • At a distance of 12 550 800 blocks from spawn are generated Distant land.
  • Giant mushrooms can be generated with a height of 13 blocks.

  • Table enchanting glow.
  • Cane can be grown using bone meal.
  • Pumpkins and watermelons are generated more often.
  • Observer when changing the unit, which is aimed at the observer, sends a Redstone signal.

  • Wolf cubs can appear independently.
  • Chickens can appear independently.
  • A 1% chance spawn of a skeleton rider on a cave spider.

    All of these features - the most understandable and interesting to the player. There are more features, but I think they get uninteresting.

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