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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.14.0 Build 2


Mojang has released a 2nd build, which fixes many bugs with the framework, the crashes and some other minor bugs.

List of changes:

  • Particles in the destruction of part
  • Zombies'm dropping the head if were killed by charged creeper
  • Moved the progress bar from under your finger in the menu selector, the distributor and the hopper

    Bug fixes:

  • Frames do not disappear after stopping the application
  • Dyed armor is still painted, if placed in a frame
  • Trolley with dynamite no longer explode after reloading the world
  • Fixed crash, when the player placed the jacking rails
  • In Creative mode for the anvil no longer need the experience
  • Particles of potions in the cauldron no longer be black
  • Pumpkin head no longer interferes with the game while changing the size of the interface
  • Fixed potential crash when exiting the game
  • Items are no longer duplicated after the player threw them in the portal
  • Anvil, furnace, and enchanting table don't duplicate subjects
  • Fixed lighting framework
  • The destruction of the fixed frame, which is the subject
  • Fixed head mobs while riding on the boat
  • Fixed the forehead of the witch
  • Now break the egg properly when they were dropped on plate
  • Fixed the pixels under the feet of the residents
  • Animation was added charged creeper
  • Returned missing pixels in leather armor

  • 28 Jan 2016
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