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Download Minecraft PE v1.13.0.18 Andoid free Bedrock Version


Download Minecraft PE v1.13.0.17 Andoid free Version
Next update Minecraft PE to version which contains some new Bedrock Edition features for Bees and Foxes Update. This apk will improve the quality of drawing the world, speed up for opening of your inventory, fix errors with the installation of global resources and other perfomens changes that you can see after downloading this update for your Android tablet or phone.

  • Release date: 10.02.2019
  • Current version: Minecraft Bedrock
  • Available platforms: Android, Xbox, Windows 10

As claimed by the Mojang developers, the Minecraft PE is the latest beta version of the game and finally we will have a full release for Minecraft 1.13.0. This should happen after Minecon 2019 and they have prepared some surprises for the players, maybe it will be some free texture packs or skin packs, and Mojang can give players a free Adventure world pack dedicated to the new games: Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth.
Download Minecraft PE v1.13.0.17 Andoid free Version

Features of Minecraft PE v1.13.0.18

  • Improved inventory opening script, now it works faster
  • Changed the algorithm for generating the nearest blocks to speed up this process
  • A crash could happen when you attack the pufferfish, now it's fixed
  • Also fixed game crash related to using the Character Creator
  • Fixed bug related to global resource installation issue, now you can install our texture packs and not get errors
  • When you chose a skin, but then decided to change it-there was a bug and did not allow the player to change it. The developers fixed this
  • In some cases you may not have seen the End Crystals now this is fixed
  • Fixed a bug related to hidden items in foxes inventory
  • Added some features for the foxes from Minecraft Java Edition 1.15
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed items in the hand of a third person
  • More than 4 fixes for the new Character Creation Menu
  • Mod and addon developers can now use custom HP HUD.

Download Minecraft PE v1.13.0.17 Andoid free Version

Download Minecraft Android

Minecraft_PE_Beta_v1.13.0.18_Xbox_mod.apk (87.76 Mb)

27 Sep 2019
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