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How to paint Armor in Minecraft PE?


It is interesting to know that the presence of armor in Minecraft PE — not just the ability to protect themselves from hostile monsters, but also a wonderful chance to become a unique personality. It became a reality thanks to the updated version of the application in which it is possible without obstacles to dye leather armor in any of a hundred shades. To find the desired color by applying appropriate dyes. For other types of armor painting is not yet available.

The term dye refers to various plants (dandelions, cacti, roses), the artifacts got in battle with mobs (killing Squid, you can find black dye), as well as precious stones (e.g. lapis lazuli deposits which are located deep in the mine).

Painting armor
The essence of the painting of armor is as follows:

  • Find dye.
  • Put the ingredient in the Central cell of the workbench and close it.
  • Get ready to dye a quantity of two pieces or more.
  • Next, take the shoes, helmet or leggings and put in a cell of a workbench. Positioning close to the desired color.
  • As a result, individually painted armor.

It is important to understand that the game has the concept of primary colors — those that are derived from crafting one material. Secondary — produced by the joining of the two primary (basic) colors. Typically it's orange (red plus yellow), cyan (green plus blue), purple (red plus blue), grey (white plus black), etc.

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