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How to make a Mechanical bridge in Minecraft PE?


This guide was created for lovers of mechanisms. Here I will teach You to build a fairly simple idea for a drawbridge in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Required materials:
  • Lever
  • Solid blocks (base of bridge)
  • Redstone
  • Sticky pistons

    The amount of material depends on the length of the bridge and Your desires.

    Let's start with the basics of bridge. The bridge is two blocks wide, but empty space between the two sides of the bridge should have a width of 6 units.

    Set sticky pistons:

    Further blocks which will be nominated:

    Hiding all this behind the walls as You wish:

    For more entertainment I made a fire under the bridge:

    Now connect the mechanism. Set the input lever and a Redstone signal to the pistons:

    In the screenshot we have summed signal to one side of the pistons. Subsumed under the bridge signal in the second half.

    In case the signal's weak, use repeaters.


    It works!

  • 27 Aug 2016
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