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How to make a clock in Minecraft PE ?


Fulfilling another interesting mission in MCPE, the player should always know that the street day or night. It would seem that here such, what's the difference? And here and there, sometimes digging under the ground and finally got what you want — go out, and the night there. Nothing to do, has again to go underground and continue the treasure hunt. But the day is another matter. Before the user opens other possibilities. He can build houses, protective structures, to explore the area. So in the game it was all very clear, the developers, and was invented by watch. Spinning disc on a clock shows the player the order of the sun and the moon. The blue circle is the position of the sun, silver — moon position. A day in the game equals 20 real minutes. So that not forget about it. For convenience, the clock can be hung on the wall in a frame, or place in the chest where they will operate.

You need to build a watch?
To make the clock in the workbench, the player needs to get four gold bars and a single unit of red dust.
Gold ingots are obtained by smelting gold ore, and Redstone or red dust produced deep in the mine. If the materials are ready, all that's left is correctly placed in the workbench. So, open the workbench in the Central cell have red dust. Then, in a circle have four gold bars. First place gold ingot in the center, the second bars on the sides. In the last line of the workbench have gold bars in the center. The result — a functioning watch with a gold case.

02 Feb 2017
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