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Minecraft PE was Renamed to Minecraft Bedrock Edition


Minecraft PE was Renamed to Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Recently it became known that the developers plan to create a new name for all versions of Minecraft PE except Java Edition. Now on any device the game will be called Minecraft Bedrock Edition or Minecraft BE or MCBE.

Too much confusion - say the engineers of Mojang and Microsoft. By the end of this month they'll try to patent that name in all game platforms such as Apple Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.

Besides all this, the game will have a unified API that allows you to run the game on absolutely any device.

Release date Minecraft Bedrock Edition

This update was supposed to come out a year ago, when appeared the Addons, but something went wrong and the release date moved to unknown date. Expect a new version of Minecraft BE should in September 2017, when will the 1.2 version.

Mods, Maps, Textures & Addons

As we predicted, the developers completely reworked the standard platform game and now it is fundamentally different from what we saw just 4 months ago.
The main advantage is that now you can install all the Addons, maps and mods on any device, even on the Xbox One.

The New Structure

The structure of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition will include the next version of the game:
All these versions will be called the same - that is Minecraft BE and to have the same structure.

11 Sep 2017
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In theory it sounds like an awesome idea, I just hope it leaves all the bugginess in PE behind.